What we ask you to consent to…

Sharing of your information:

If you use our service, we will ask for your consent to allow sharing of your information – that is the information you write in your profile – between industry professionals.  We do not restrict how they share your profile. If you are not ready for that, or do not want this to happen, you should not join.

If you do join, you will be able to suspend sharing of your information by withdrawing your consent, or by suspending or deleting your account. No further sharing will be possible via our apps or websites.

The privacy of recipients:

We also ask that you respect the privacy of the recipients of your profile. This is because people who work in the music industry often review a large number of artists, and they do not want to be contacted unless they reach-out to you or your representatives first.

To benefit you, we encourage recipients of your profile to tag and catalogue your information so they can find your details again. For example, they might tag you as someone they want to consider in the future, or catalogue that you took part in a particular event. We ask that you agree that this information is private and owned by the recipient, and that you are not entitled to see it. If you do not agree, please do not use our service.